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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wednesday 19 November

Oh dear oh dear oh dear - oh dear. Our weather may be of little wind, but there is a storm blowing over the ferry timetable in early spring. It changes every day, because the MV Isle of Lewis can only dock in Uig (Skye) at high tide. The same applies to the Clipper Clanger. Taking vehicles across to Lewis will therefore be a nightmare.


Everybody seems to be forgetting the good ole MV Hebrides, still blissfully plying between Tarbert and Uig, requiring only a 37 miles drive along the A859 from Stornoway. So we do have several ferries a day to go to the mainland. Granted, the A87 and A82 aren't the fastest roads in the country (rather than the much maligned A9).

PB191313 PB191316

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