View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Monday 8 June

Today started bright and early, with some excitement to boot in the morning. Someone decided to light a bonfire just outside Stornoway, and the thick smoke billowed into town on the easterly breeze. It was visible from Swordale, 4 miles to the east. If the wind had been in the west, I doubt that the airport would have been very happy about it.

I managed to complete the initial transcription of the 700-odd Canadian servicemen whose roots lie in the Isle of Lewis. The majority volunteered, and mostly before 1917. In 1917, following various bloody battles, military draft (National Service) was introduced, under which 27 Lewismen were called up. Two defaulted (did not turn up) and were dragged in by the military police. I came across one gent, not from Lewis, who had defaulted - because he was a trapper and probably never got his papers in the first place. He died in hospital before any details could be taken.

Tomorrow, I intend to go through the blogs for the first time in many weeks. My Google Reader is shamefully full, although I have kept up with those of you who merit special attention.

As I close this post, the sky is coloured a nice pink colour - sunset at 10.20pm tonight. We had the best weather in the country, with downpours in Balallan (15 miles away) and heavy rain in the Highlands.