View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday 19 March

The day is showery and fairly cold, at least it feels cold when there is a downpour and strengthening wind. Events started after midday, when a man could be seen walking a llama down the road. Like you do. Seriously, there is someone in Ness (North Lewis) who has llamas, and people can go on walks with them.

At 2pm, a march was held from the centre of Stornoway to the Coastguard Station, just down the road from my position. It was well attended, about 200 people were on the march, with a police escort and the pipe band keeping up the spirits in the face of inclement conditions. Local politicians held short speeches once outside the CGS. The march was in protest against proposed cutbacks to the Coastguard service. The below video shows the march as it files past the Tesco supermarket on Shell Street.

Rally at the Coastguard Station

March passing along Newton Street