View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Half an hour to dusk

Finally caught up with new entries, so I can start with a clean slate as of tomorrow. Several of you have received invitations for a Facebook group "not wanted on voyage anymore", for all of us who have been kicked off AOL Journals. Not compulsory of course, but would be nice to have everybody on board. Don't forget the journals list on Magic Smoke @ Blogger, which I update every time I come across a new journal or a comment is left with a link.

Another hailshower is moving east over Lochs, whilst the light gradually starts to fade on the approach to sunset. Have spent too much time on PC this afternoon, so will only briefly call back after 10 o'clock tonight to do the hurricane update, check Facebook, check Journals, check Emails - and be there for another couple of hours.

Tuesday 21 October

Perishingly cold in the Western Isles today, with the thermometer firmly stuck at 4C / 39F, and frequent hailshowers. We should see milder temperatures on Thursday, blown in on galeforce winds.

I think I'll have to purchase a proper microphone to make further audio-entries, as I have found the recordings barely audible, even with the Volume Control turned up to full blast.

I have been responding to some of the queries left on Magic Smoke, AOL, but I'll have to leave it to the Journals Team to deal with them, following some less than favourable responses from some of you. I am just as pissed off with AOL as the next person about the closure of AOL Journals - my journal too cannot be transferred properly.