View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Maps on picture entries

I have found this very useful site, which provides tailor-made Google Maps. I am including them on my picture entries for my trip last week, as I don't expect most of my readers to be as intimately familiar with the geography of Scotland as my entries may suggest you be.

In the latest entry, you can actually zoom in and out on the map, in order that you see where everything is on a larger scale. Hope this makes things clearer. Also hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pictures 13 July

Old School, Lasgair, Lochboisdale


Polochar Inn

Beach at Ardmichael, Stoneybridge, South Uist

Howmore Youth Hostel, South Uist


Following my complaint to the Independent (on Sunday) about the daft article on Sunday ferries out of Stornoway, I have received the following response:

Many thanks for your email regarding the Associated Press story carried by the website about the ferry service between Ullapool and Stornaway.

Firstly, apologies for the tardy response, I’ve been away this week and the emails were just passed to me.

The piece came from an AP journalist, not from the Independent or Independent on Sunday and there do seem to be some stereotypes rather enthusiastically embraced by the journalist in question. I will raise the issue with AP and take the story off the site immediately.

Best wishes

Jimmy Leach
Editorial Director for Digital
2 Derry Street
W8 5HF

020 7005 3553
07710 613961