View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hurricane season

Hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones (all the same thing) are not monsters or killers. They are a necessary safety valve in the planet's system of managing the heat of the sun through evaporation and condensation of water. A tropical cyclone serves to funnel heat from the equator to higher latitudes. The planetary scale at which this occurs explains the huge amounts of energy (and impact) involved. The energy released by a hurricane would, if converted into electricity, power the United States for 3 years.

June 1st sees start of the North Atlantic hurricane season. Although NHC are forecasting lower than average numbers of tropical cyclones, any impact on land could still be severe, and could lead to loss of life. If you are in an area likely to be affected by tropical cyclones, please follow any warnings by the relevant weather agency.

Sunday 31 May

P5314437 P5314439 P5314440 P5314443 P5314447

Saturday 30 may

P5304429 P5304435
P5304432 P5304431 Rowing race

Friday 29 May

P5294411 P5294414
P5294426 P5294428
Today, we said good-bye to our freight ferry, the Clipper Ranger (pictured above left). This ship was on the freight run to Ullapool since October 2013, but is now relocating to Heysham (Lancashire) to take up the freight run across the Irish Sea.

Thursday 28 May

P5284390 P5284393  P5284396 MV Loch Seaforth passes cruiseship Azores
P5284400 P5284401 P5284408 P5284410

Wednesday 27 May

P5274377 P5274380 P5274383 P5274387P5274389 11.20pm, looking north

Tuesday 26 May

P5264373 P5264374

Monday 25 May

P5254358 P5254365 Cruiseliner Corinthian
P5254364 P5254371 Ferry terminal

Sunday 24 May

For the first time ever I have managed to not watch the Eurovision Song Contest, not even the points parade. It has been many a year since anything approaching decent was on there, and I was completely put off the phenomenon by Conchita Wurst last year (who is endowed with such a shape on her anatomy) , and the inclusion of Australia on the list of 'European' countries. Let's include Suriname and Indonesia next year, as former colonies of a European country.

P5244347 P5244349 P5244351

Saturday 23 May

Today is the day of the annual Stornoway Half Marathon. The route has been substantially altered, with the runners now coming down the seafront in the opposite direction. Most of the route is now in the Castle Grounds, taking in two of the hills there. Number of participants is about 150.

P5234290 P5234294 P5234297 P5234320 P5234344

Friday 22 May

P5224281 P5224282 P5224284 P5224288

Thursday 21 May

P5214279 P5214280