View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday 3 June

Another bright and sunny day, but still windy. The mercury made it up to 19C / 66F, but the wind made it feel a good deal cooler than that. Later tonight, a cold front will march in and push the mercury back, closer to 10C on Saturday. The contrasts elsewhere in Scotland will be even greater, with Aberdeen having peaked at 26C yesterday.

General Mladic made his first court appearance at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague this morning. Why do I keep referring to this? Well, read this article, and you'll get some idea. Furthermore, at the time I was working for the Dutch MOD [or DOD], and got some first-hand accounts of what happened. As described in the article.

I have completed the research into the witnesses at the Napier Commission in 1883, that is, the witnesses that were heard in Harris and Lewis, as well as St Kilda. In July, I shall continue with the witnesses from Uist and Barra, to complete the picture for the Western Isles.