View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 12 June 2009

Late light

The above picture was taken at 10pm earlier this week, and shows the television on the BBC News at 10. Newscaster Huw Edwards is at Westminster, which is in complete darkness. The window to the right of the television set shows the broad daylight outside, here in Stornoway. As per usual in June, the sun sets at 10.30pm (9pm in London). And this shows the difference quite nicely.

Friday 12 June

Sunny day but with a cool breeze. Was sitting out for a minute, about an hour ago, but it wasn't very pleasant. Decided to have a lie-in, but it does mean you lose half the day.

Was surprised that only half the people questioned in a survey were able to correctly position certain organs in their bodies. And that means that there has been no improvement in the last 50 years.

I continue to notice a reduction in the number of posts made on the blogs I follow in (formerly) J-land. A lot of folks have migrated on to Facebook and Twitter, myself among them, but I cannot find FB very user-friendly anymore, and you can't write on Twitter what you can on a blog. One of my contacts tried to do that on Twitter, and ended up with about 11 posts, describing a daytrip to St Kilda. I've done a similar thing reporting on the attack on the Dutch Royal family back in April, with about 350 posts in the one day.