View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 6 November 2008

AOL Binned

I have shifted all my emails from my pharmolo account on AOL, by putting them in the Inbox, mark them as unread and wait for the next time Gmail picks them up in its POP3-sweep. In an hour's time, I'll have 845 new emails in there, which I'll have to organise.

Everybody in my contacts will get a notice to contact me on my Gmail account, rather than on AOL. As I already indicated above, Gmail picks up any stuff in pharmolo.

Following the demise of journals, video uncut as of Sunday and pictures from 31 December, AOL will most likely cease to exist in the next few months. No official word, just my hunch. Better start making preparations, if you haven't already.

Thursday 6 November

Overcast and cool day out here, which I spent recovering from my journey yesterday.

A fishing boat has sunk south of Point, in Lewis, but the crew managed to get into liferafts before the vessel went down. The Coastguard alerted nearby shipping, and another fishing boat came to the rescue within minutes.

I congratulate Barack Obama on his victory in the US presidential elections. He has a huge burden of expectation to live up to, as well as tackling the current economic problems and the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I wish him wisdom and foresight in bearing the mantle of responsibility that comes with high office.

When in Holland, I watched a consumer programme on TV about special nutritional supplements which were endorsed by health charities. In fact, the same charities did not really believe the supplements (yoghurt type things e.g.) were any good, but were happy to accept the 200k Euro fee they received for having their name mentioned on the relevant products.