View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday 13 May

A very wet and windy day in Stornoway, although it did improve through the afternoon. We had snow and sleet mixed in with the rain, and that pegged the mercury back to winter-like values like 8C.

A criminal trial is currently taking place at Glasgow Crown Court, related to the murder of 16-year old Liam Aitchison back in November 2011. Two men stand accused, but have pleaded not-guilty. The unpleasant details of the murder have been spelled out in court, making for at times distressing reading.

Last week, the body of a 51-year old local woman was discovered on a beach at Swordale. She had taken her life by jumping off the cliff. Ann Maccallum had been the manager of the local Woolworths, succeeded by its successor WeeW. The suicide came as a complete shock to the community here; a memorial service is to be held in Stornoway later in the week.