View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Monday 18 January

P1189324 P1189327 P1189332 P1189335 P1189337 P1189339
After the morning clouds drew away, we were left with glorious winter sunshine, which showed the town up in its best.

Sunday 17 January

P1179318 P1179320 P1179321
Put the birdfeeders out today, and it promptly attracted some feathered friends. Apart from the robin, the thrush and the starling, we also had blackbirds and sparrows coming to have a browse.

Saturday 16 January

Yesterday's snow melted, then froze - and whilst the frost was on, some rain fell as well. It reduced the pavements to icerinks, and pedestrians had to walk in the road. The sun melted some of it away, but conditions remained treacherous throughout the day.

P1169311 P1169313 P1169315
The ice patches on the pavements melted only slowly today, turning more to slush.

Friday 15 January

P1159304 P1159306 P1159308 P1159309
Snow melted, but refroze overnight. Additional (freezing) rain turned the pavements into icerinks, leaving pedestrians to walk in the roads.