View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Not endorsed

Remember this banner above the [edit: AOL] US journals as of September 30th?
Remember the addition that was always below the ads?

Ads are not an endorsement by the blog author.

Too bloody right.


Jeannette (Outside Looking In) pointed this out to me, and I'm more than happy to relay:

You will notice I have made the comment system much easier. To do the same, go into your dashboard, select settings and then select comments. Scan down the comments related page until you see Comment Form Placement. Make sure that the third option is ticked - it says Embedded Below Post. Then just press save. That is all there is to it. Much more like our old J-Land system.

Saturday 25 October

Savage day in the Western Isles, with a severe gale blowing at Stornoway and a full force 10 at Eoropie, near the Butt of Lewis. Winds have gusted up to 90 mph at Eoropie, 70 mph here at the airport. The sun is coming out now, after a morning of persistent heavy rains. Ferry sailings wholesale disrupted across the Calmac network, from Islay right up to here. The afternoon sailing to Ullapool is likely to be cancelled as well. Which may find us with a rare Sunday sailing to play catch up. There was no afternoon sailing yesterday either.

The dormant blogs, which I referred to on Magic Smoke, are going into a separate Blogger account. It is possible for blog ownership to be transferred between Blogger accounts, and anyone prepared to take one of them under their wing is welcome to do so. As far as I can tell (and if I have anything to do with it), none of those listed will be lost. If you know of any others that need salvaging this way, leave a note.