View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday 23 April

A wet day today and quite cold. The mercury has not reached much above 5C today.
The Condock II continues to discharge its cargo at Glumag Harbour. I have now found out that it came with three accommodation units for use on fishfarms.

A discussion was held on BBC Radio Scotland this afternoon from the An Lanntair arts centre here in Stornoway. It was between the five main candidates, with an audience in attendance. The BBC's main political correspondent Brian Taylor was in the chair. The Conservatives' candidate was speaking by radiolink from Dundee, as she had been unable to fly up due to volcanic ash. The BBC crew had been unable to use the same airlink, but probably squeezed onto the overnight freight ferry MV Muirneag. The link from Dundee had a bad echo on it. Mssrs Macneil, Macsween, Murray and Ms Davies provided an entertaining 45 minutes on issues pertaining to the Western Isles. As I am not eligible to vote in this election, I shall refrain from passing further comment.

As I indicated above, the plane service to this island was disrupted this morning due to unsafe levels of volcanic ash. A flight service did resume in the afternoon.