View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday 29 January

Quite a nice day, but with a keen southeasterly wind making it feel cold. There is further disruption on the ferries today. The Clansman is running more than two hours late through the day; I watched her coming back at 3.15pm (2 hours behind schedule), and AIS told me that she didn't dock until 10.45pm upon return from her second crossing of the day. The Clipper Clanger has left for Liverpool to be repaired, her duties being taken over by the Hebridean Isles, which has had to come up all the way from Islay.

I went out for a 7.6 km / 4¾ mile walk, to the Iolaire Memorial at Holm Point. I started out through Lower Sandwick, via Stoneyfield Farm to Holm Point, and back via Sandwick. The wind made it feel cold; but I was on time at Holm Point to see the Clansman coming in. The lettering on the Iolaire Memorial and the memorial plaque at the carpark could do with touching up; the weather has taken its toll.

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