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Friday, 20 March 2009

Picture book

I have now compiled a book with about 260 of my pictures, which is available for anyone to purchase on-line. It's a wee bit on the dear side (£20.75 baseline price, excluding P&P), but if you're feeling like it, why not get yourself a copy of Lewis Light from

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Friday 20 March

Last day of winter, and I'm glad to leave it behind. Another sunny day, but quite blustery in contrast to yesterday's mild breeze. Temperatures at 12C at the moment, and may rise higher.

It seems to be relatively common for women to give birth on planes, but one lady from Samoa left her newborn baby in the garbage bin in the toilet. Charges are now likely to be brought against the woman involved; she was spotted by airport staff at Auckland as her clothes were bloodstained.

I am pleased to note that a debate has commenced in the UK on the difficult subject of assisted suicide, mercy killing, euthanasia. All descriptions of the same. Helping someone end their life when there is great suffering with no hope of alleviation or improvement. The BBC has a forum thread into the subject which shows the spectrum of opinion.

Personally, I advocate the Dutch model, in force in the 1980s. In such a situation, the patient discusses the subject with their doctor, who then seeks a second opinion. It is ensured that the decision is made by the patient of their own free will, being of sound mind at the time. After the patient is deceased, the death is reported to the procurator as an unnatural death. He will review the evidence and decide not to prosecute if all prerequisites are met.