View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pentalina B

This ship, which I stubbornly continue to call by its original name Iona, is currently covering the freight run between the Isle of Lewis and the Scottish mainland. Normally, MV Muirneag is doing this, but this ship is in dry-dock on the Tyne at present. My picture of the Iona (puh) on Flickr is attracting an unusual amount of attention. 91 views since last Sunday.

I know, it's a nice picture ;-)

Saturday 15 November

Today is the 4th anniversary of my arrival in Lewis. Back in 2004, I had arrived in Harris (which is on the same landmass as Lewis) from North Uist, and took the bus north to Stornoway. The next time I would leave Lewis would be in May 2007.

Today is a better day in terms of weather, with a fair amount of brightness. Rain appears to be threatening, and it is also a lot colder. Yesterday saw the mercury at 13C, this afternoon has it down to 7C, quite a jump by local standards. Colder weather in the winter period usually also brings brighter weather.

Still quiet on the tropical cyclones front, except for one minor tropical storm crossing into the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The worst people there can expect is 10 inches of rain; winds will not exceed force 9 on the Beaufort scale. Fishermen have been warned to stay on shore.