View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday 21 September

Overcast and windy, with rain commencing after 6 o'clock. More skip-filling today, or to be precise: preparations to chuck more into the skip. I've completed the first major section of the Napier report into Shetland, with findings from the island of Yell. The main complaint was poor housing and insufficient land. I've so far covered 1600 out of the 4000 questions from Shetland.

I could not believe my eyes, when I read on the STV (Scottish commercial television) twitterfeed that a leading clergyman felt that soldiers should not be decorated for killing people. Excuse me, isn't it a soldier's job to kill if that's what it takes to defend your country? The comment came amidst a debate on euthanasia, currently subject to debate in the Scottish Parliament.

If you're on Twitter, you will have seen the kingsized letters on your screen this morning, which spelled trouble: on hovering your mouse cursor over them, this opened your browser to all sorts of nasties. It took several hours to plug the hole.