View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday 18 April

Brilliantly sunny day, although there was some cloudiness in the afternoon around the hills. Went out on the bus at 3pm to the district of Uig, 35 miles west of Stornoway. The object of my visit was to photograph (19) wargraves and the local war memorial. It took the wee bus an hour to get there, not helped by longstanding roadworks along the way. They are taking longer to complete than anticipated because someone misdesigned a bridge. Didn't fit when it got there. Uig (which means 'bay') is one of the most scenic areas of Lewis, but with only very few people in it. Doesn't mean that there is no community spirit. Anyway, after my business at the graveyard, I walked across Uig Sands to Timsgarry where the war memorial is located. Upon arrival at the community shop, I found out that there was an event at the community hall - pity I did not have the time to go there.

I took a total of 64 pictures today (no records, I have been known to take in excess of 200 on a few occasions). Take away 20 for the wargraves, and 5 for the war memorial, and you'll have my scenic total of about 40. Pretty good for 2 hours' worth. Returned to Stornoway at 7.15pm. Those who follow me on Twitter know about the fact that I went to Uig - this is filling in some of the details. My pictures are uploading as I type; I shall place a selection on here tomorrow.