View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 15 June 2015

Sunday 14 June

This afternoon, I was unexpectedly invited to join a journey by car to Barvas, Shader, Arnol, Bragar and Shawbost. The wind made it feel very, very cold in the exposed Barvas Cemetery, and there was a little rain at Bragar and Shawbost. Nonetheless, it was unusual to get out of town on a Sunday - I don't have a car, and there is no public bus service on the Sabbath.

P6144640 Barvas Moor
P6144643 Clan battle memorial, Barvas machair
P6144645 P6144646 Barvas Loch
P6144649 Barvas, Loch Street
P6144653 Burnt-out house, Ballantrushal
P6144657 P6144658 Shader
P6144665 P6144661 Barvas Cemetery
P6144667 P6144666 At Barvas Cemetery
P6144674 P6144676 Arnol Blackhouse
P6144684 Arnol Blackhouse
P6144692 North Shawbost

Saturday 13 June

P6134613 MV Isle of Lewis
P6134615 Pole Star working on harbour buoy
P6134618 MV Loch Seaforth (L) and MV Isle of Lewis

Friday 12 June

P6124604 Misty start
P6124609 (hair in camera, sorry)

Thursday 11 June

P6114591 P6114593P6114596 P6114597 P6114600 

Wednesday 10 June

P6104580 P6104581 P6104582

Tuesday 9 June

P6094570 P6094569 P6094573 P6094576

Monday 8 June

P6084540 Cruiseliner Berlin P6084547 P6084554 Schooner Oosterschelde
P6084551 Hattersley loom at ferry terminal
P6084553 Pier no 1 linkspan
P6084563 Cromwell Street

Sunday 7 June

P6074520 P6074522 P6074523 P6074526 P6074525 P6074528 P6074534 MV Loch Seaforth going out at 10.30pm
P6074535 Looking north at midnight