View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Swell at Sheshader

Showing a few moments of the swell, rolling in from the Minch at Sheshader this afternoon.

Two years later

It is two years ago today that I received word of my mother's death at the age of 72.
I would like to thank the J-land community (as was) for their support at the time and since.
Although I miss my mother every day, her deteriorating condition in the years up to May 2008 meant that her passing was a blessed relief.

Thanks to all.

Saturday 1 May

A brilliantly sunny day with a steady northeasterly breeze, keeping the temperatures in single figures. We're under warning for a slight overnight frost. Went into the town centre this morning, and ran into the two main candidates for next Thursday's general election, trying to win votes. I managed to get past without a balloon, which was being handed out to the younger passers-by. Perceval Square is being dug up, meaning that the public toilets are closed, the trees chopped down and four callboxes uprooated. Hope it's worth the upheaval; will post pictures when I get them.

This afternoon, I went to Point with someone in a car, visiting the villages of Knock, Swordale, Garrabost, Shulishader, Sheshader and Portvoller.

Tiumpan Head Lighthouse


Aird, Point

Around Sheshader slipway


Coastline below New Garrabost

New Garrabost