View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturday 2 November

Our new ferry Loch Seaforth is taking shape on a shipyard in Germany, and is expected to take over from the Isle of Lewis in July 2014. On Monday 11th November, the Pier & Harbour Commission will have an open day at the Stornoway ferry terminal for displaying their plans for the new ferry terminal. As the Loch Seaforth is larger than the Isle of Lewis, reclamation works will have to be undertaken to accommodate all the traffic. I'm wondering why this is only now being thought about, 8 months before the new ferry comes into service.

And although the Loch Seaforth is supposed to take the overnight freight runs as well, the relevant report on Hebrides News mentions that the linkspan on Pier #1 is to be refurbished - to take a future freight service. A prudent measure. During the summer, the ferry to Ullapool sails three times a day on Wednesday and Friday, leaving Stornoway at 6.00 am and completing the service at 1.45 am. Leaving just four and a bit hours to do the freight run which takes 8 hours back and forth. Well, I'm sorry, but even in the Outer Hebrides, a day only has 24 hours, not 29.

Friday 1 November

Another day of sunshine and showers, but the showers were rather beefy, sometimes accompanied by hail. Spent the day preparing for the visit of a friend, who I had invited for tea. A convivial couple of hours of talk of mutual experiences rounded off a pleasant evening.

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Thursday 31 October

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A day of sunshine and showers, accompanied by a few atmospherical light effects (such as the parhelion in the second picture). I don't do Hallowe'en, except for the preceding posting.

Someone posted portraits of two casualties of the Great War who originated in Harris; one from the islands of Soay, off Amhuinnsuidhe, and another from the tiny hamlet of Huisinis, some 5 miles up the road. The person concerned gave me permission to use it on the WWW. I was also given more info on another casualty, so all in all, Facebook does also have its constructive uses.