View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 24 July 2009

Photo Video - Uists

This video is a compilation of photos which I took last week on my journey through the Uists, whilst looking for wargraves. The war graves feature on the Scottish War Graves Project website; the other pictures appear on - and on here.


As you may know, I keep an eye on hurricanes around the world, but my information is a wee bit curtailed due to a failure in the air conditioning systems at the NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division. They have been waiting for the past 10 hours for repairmen to arrive. Haven't we all been there?

Pictures 14 July

Trinity Temple, Carinish, North Uist

House at Balranald, North Uist

Dunskellor Cemetery, Sollas, North Uist

Beach at Sollas, North Uist

Abandoned slippers, Berneray

Berneray Youth Hostel

Beinn Mhor, South Uist from Lionacuidhe

Note: The maps / satellite images show the location from where the picture was taken, not necessarily the object as described

Friday 24 July

Late posting on a reasonable Friday, as far as the weather was concerned. Within half an hour of sunset, and we only had the odd shower. Very busy on the ferry, judging by the long queue at the ferry terminal at 5.30pm, 90 minutes before departure time. Spent the day transcribing more names from the local Roll of Honour, just over 700. This has seen me progressing down the coast from Ness to Ballantrushal, and I'll resume at Barvas tomorrow. The counter now stands at 3,550, well past the halfway mark. I think the final total will be between 6,000 and 6,700. I am beginning to think of a way of putting this information on the Net, but haven't decided yet.

Yesterday, a pod of dolphins were rescued from the coast of the island of Grimsay, between North Uist and Benbecula, some 75 miles south of here. They had got themselves into shallow waters, but volunteers managed to coax them back to the deep waters of the Atlantic. Two years ago, two dolphins got themselves stuck in Sandwick Bay, just down the coast from my position, and had to be put down.