View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Wednesday 20 May

P5204270 P5204273 P5204275 P5204276

Tuesday 19 May

P5194254 Cruiseliner Louis Aura
P5194256 Cruiseliner Astor
P5194257 P5194260 P5194265 P5194266

Monday 18 May

P5184240 MV Clipper Ranger
P5184242 Goat Hill
P5184246 P5184247 P5184251

Sunday 17 May

P5174220 P5174224 P5174229

Saturday 16 May

P5164207 Cruiseliner National Geographic Explorer
P5164208 P5164211 P5164216 P5164218

Friday 15 May

P5154199 P5154202 P5154206 Cruiseliner Ocean Nova

Thursday 14 May

P5144188 Lochinver lifeboat going up the slipway
P5144190 MV Loch Seaforth (L) meeting MV Isle of Lewis
P5144195 P5144197

Wednesday 13 May

P5134161 Cruiseliner Sea Explorer 1
P5134163 Leverburgh lifeboat going up the slipway
P5134166 P5134167 P5134168 P5134171 P5134174 P5134178 P5134184 MV Loch Seaforth returning from Ullapool

Went for lunch at the Woodlands Centre, and walked back through the town. The rusty building can be found behind the old vet's surgery on Bayhead. The multi-coloured buildings are nicknamed Balamory and stand on Keith Street.

Tuesday 12 May

P5124143 Portree lifeboat about to go on the slipway
P5124144 P5124149 P5124151 P5124157