View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 15 May 2009

Closing notes

Within half an hour of midnight, and a cold, dreich day comes to a close. Disappointed to read that Barack Obama will resume the trials at Guantanamo Bay - although he never did rule out that such might be the case. A review of the legal framework is to be carried out, but to me, it's a climb-down from pre-election promises. Not good at all. My faith in politicians has taken a nosedive following the expenses scandal here in the UK, but Mr Obama is starting to do the Tomcat-in-March routine. What do I mean? Ach, yanno. In March, tomcats go around, caterwhauling their undying love and everlasting fielty to the females of the race, only to disappear without trace once the evil deed has been done.

Galson pictures

Friday 15 May

Dreich, grey and cold today. Yesterday, I went to the shop without a coat, with a temperature of 17C / 63F. Today, it's 9C / 48F. Nonetheless, I did jump on the bus for a quick foray out to Galson, 20 miles north of Stornoway. That village has a small cemetery with one wargrave, which I wanted to photograph. I'll post some pictures later. Chatted to a villager on the way through about local history. Otherwise, nothing moved, which is normal for that corner of the island. Stornoway would be described as a bustling metropolis in comparison.

Although I join in the chorus of condemnation over MPs' expenses, I want to air my grave concern over the current atmosphere that surrounds our elected representatives. Watching a trailer for BBC1's Question Time last night, a chorus of boos arose as a government minister spoke. A constituency office was apparently attacked last night, and I hope that someone takes the situation in hand as a matter of extreme urgency. This is an open road to anarchy, and an open invitation for extremist parties to make massive gains at elections, firstly those for the European Parliament early in June. Not all MPs or Peers of the Realm are out to fatten their bank balances at taxpayers' expense, and the fact that there are some rotten apples in amongst them all doesn't justify tarring all of them with the same brush.