View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Saturday 27 February

Absolutely stunning day, so much so that I went for a walk to Sandwick and the Iolaire Memorial in the morning.

P2279810 P2279818 P2279820 P2279824 P2279832 P2279831 P2279835 P2279836 P2279839 P2279840 P2279847 P2279842  P2279846 P2279856 P2279862

Friday 26 February

P2269802 P2269803

Thursday 25 February

P2259790 P2259793 P2259797 P2259800

Wednesday 24 February

P2249766 Moon and Jupiter
P2249764 P2249769 P2249773 P2249776 P2249777 P2249785 P2249782 P2249789

Tuesday 23 February

P2239744 P2239747 P2239746 P2239753 P2239756 P2239759 P2239760 Jupiter (L) and the moon

Monday 22 February

P2229730 P2229731 P2229740 

Sunday 21 February

P2219724 P2219725 P2219726 

Saturday 20 February

P2209706 P2209707 P2209709 P2209711 P2209715 Lifeboat bringing a casualty

Friday 19 February

P2199699 P2199701