View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wednesday 22 July

The weather this summer has been almost unrelentingly poor, with frequent spells of drizzle or rain, strong winds, low temperatures and only occasional sunshine. It is the subject of conversation. Today was reasonable.
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Tuesday 21 July

P7215645 P7215647 P7215651 Cruiseliner Magellan 

Monday 20 July

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Sunday 19 July

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Saturday 18 July

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Friday 17 July

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Thursday 16 July

P7165575 1.38 am - the darkest point of the night
P7165577 P7165576
Day started calm, and the Atlantica needed engine power to leave port at 5.40am
P7165579 P7165584
The Hebridean Celtic Festival is on in Stornoway this week, and it always draws in the crowds.
P7165588 P7165591
P7165598 Loch Seaforth went out at 10.30pm

Labour in decline

I am not someone with strong political convictions, but I am horrified to watch the Labour party tear itself to shreds. It already started after the Scottish independence referendum last year, when a victory for No led to the anomalous result of a boost in SNP (Scottish National Party) support, and the acrimonious departure of the Scottish Labour party leader. Following the drubbing at the polls in May, British Labour needs a new leader, but they are turning on each other. I think they are in a worse state than in the early 80s. I strongly disagree with Angus Macneil's assertion that the SNP is the only legitimate opposition at Westminster - the SNP (IMHO) has no policies, that party just seizes opportunities to be popular. Example: SNP will not vote on English issues, but does vote on such issues when it is politically expedient, e.g. fox hunting. There is no credible opposition at Westminster. Sorry.