View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I would imagine that you can all do without pictures of roadworks, but they're very unusual in this town, let alone this island. So, here goes.

Sandwick pictures - 14 April

Thursday 14 April

A bright if breezy day today, feeling warmer than yesterday. Went to Sandwick Cemetery, 15 minutes' walk away, to record the approximate locations of the 56 wargraves in that graveyard. The breeze was persistent, but not really a nuisance. It helps to wear a woolly hat, even if it is 14C / 59F.

Today, it will be 99 years ago since the Titanic hit an iceberg. At 11.55 pm local time, RMS Titanic struck a berg some 380 miles south southeast of Newfoundland. Two hours later, she sank, taking 1500 to the bottom with her. The last survivor died last year. A museum in Newfoundland will be tweeting the radio messages that the Titanic sent in real time, 99 years on, through the night from 11.55 pm AST (that's 4 hours behind BST or 2 hour ahead of EDT). You can follow it by searching for the hashtag #ns_mma on

A number of the famous Lewis Chessmen will feature in an exhibition at the Museum of the Isles at Stornoway from today. The ivory figurines were found at Ardroil in 1831, but are being kept at the British Museum. Some islanders want to have the Chessmen returned to Lewis permanently.

Wednesday 13 April

An overcast and breezy day, with a cold wind blowing. I have continued the work on the Napier witnesses and a few other bits and pieces. The royal wedding is beginning to dominate the news; William Wales (or should that be Windsor) and Catherine Middleton will wed in Westminster Abbey on 29 April. On all the commemorative crockery &c, their initials are marked CW; not WC. You do detect the slight sarcasm, don't you? I wish them well, but wish the hype were a little less.

Two young people have been found dead in a small cottage south of Tomintoul in Morayshire. It appears now (Thursday) that an 18-year old trainee gamekeeper was cleaning his gun, when it went off by accident. The bullet hit his girlfriend, killing her instantly. Upon seeing that, he took the gun, took it outside and shot himself dead. The Press and Journal newspaper devoted four whole pages to the tragedy on Thursday.