View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday 9 June

An overcast day with a continuing northeasterly breeze, making it feel quite chilly. Stornoway temperatures were pegged back to 12C, but I was in North Harris where the sun came out, courtesy the Clisham. Took the 9.35 bus to Bowglass [translates as Grey Cow], on the Lewis border. An 11 mile path leads through Glen Langadale to Loch Bhoisimid and Meavaig nam Beann on the coast. We only went as far as Glen Langadale, which is my no 1 favourite place in this island. It is surrounded by some magnificent mountain scenery, with names like Stulabhal, Rapaire, Tealasbhal and Mullach an Langa. Those who have followed by blogging from the start, specifically from February 2005, will remember those names. The track gradually rises to 600 feet above sealevel, then to drop down to 160 feet in Glen Langadale. A wooden bridge has been provided for crossing the river, where before you had to jump from rock to rock or wade the waters. We ascended the path under the frowning crags of Stulabhal as high as 600 feet (the summit is at 1100 feet), then retraced our steps back to Bowglass over several hours. Encountered several other walkers, two cyclists and one runner. By 3pm, the sun came out, making it feel warm again.