View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 31 October 2008

Dormant blogs

The dormant blogs have not been transferred - my dedicated account contains no blogs to date. I'll leave it into next week to make a formal statement on the matter (along the lines of the rant two posts back), but in the meantime, I'll make efforts to upload them to Blogger myself. I'll keep y'all posted.

Aberdeen Airport

It is 3.45pm and I'm at Aberdeen Airport, awaiting my flight to Amsterdam at 7.20pm. Bought myself an hour's airtime on the laptop and have gone through my emails on Gmail. I'm glad that everybody agreed with the tenure, tone and content of my rant and I'm not retracting a letter of it. I just went to my old journal and got met by a bland screen, saying AOL journals, hometown and ftp had been shut down. I am now going to check my other Gmail username to see if the dormant blogs are there.

Journey so far has gone well. Left Stornoway at 7.15, and had an uneventful crossing to Ullapool. Bus journey passed through a snow-flecked landscape to Inverness, after which the train took me to Dyce station, which is allegedly close to the airport. Well, it took me an hour to leg it there. Fortunately, I'm carrying a rucksack, so no problems there. When I return next Wednesday, I'll shell out on a cab.

Ever seen anyone with iridescent pink hair? I did today, on one of the railway stations I passed through. Said town shall remain nameless - my blog is being read in Scotland.