View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday 28 March

Overcast and feeling cold today, as we have to do without direct sunlight. I've been busy with my current project, looking up census information on those who gave evidence to the Napier Commission in 1883. All those who showed up at Obbe (Leverburgh today) have been tracked, with the exception of one man who was based in North Uist, 10 miles to the south across the water. I am also looking into the residents of Boreray, an island now derelict, just off North Uist. In 1851, there were 150 residents.

In Libya, the rebels have apparently run into substantial opposition near Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte. Which was to be expected. A debate is raging within NATO, currently conducting operations to implement UN resolution 1973, over the extent of its remit. Should the rebels be helped, or should Gaddafi be stymied. A difficult call to make.

A delivery driver for the local Tesco supermarket disrupted a funeral procession at Callanish last week. He drove his vehicle into the cortege as it moved slowly along the road towards the cemetery. He stopped ahead of the coffin, on board radio blaring, leaving the procession to veer around his vehicle. It is common practice for funeral processions in Lewis to be allowed to proceed unimpeded and uninterrupted. The manager for Tesco has apologised to the family concerned.
When I attended a funeral a few years ago in Holland, traffic stopped when the hearse left the church, on its way to the graveyard. And it was a servicebus that pulled up first.