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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wednesday 22 May

I just want to pen a few words about events in Woolwich, south London, where a man was knocked down by a car. He was then attacked by the people in the vehicle with knives and meatcleavers, leaving him decapitated in the street. The culprits then hung around, waiting for the police, who arrived 20 minutes later, only to be attacked themselves. The attackers were promptly shot and severely injured. The victim, dressed in a Help for Heroes t-shirt, is reported to have been a serving soldier. It seems to have been a terrorist attack of unprecedented brutality, not using firearms or explosives but just knives. The exact circumstances of the attack, including motivation, have yet to be elucidated, but the convening of a government committee is an indication of the severity with which the British government views this incident.

The Islamic community has issued a statement, distancing itself from the attack, saying that there is no justification in Islam for any such barbarity. Apparently, the involvement of British soldiers in the 12-year long conflict in Afghanistan is a grievance, used as pretext for the attack.

I'm deeply shocked.