View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Picture post - last week

11.48 pm, looking northwest

Thursday sunset

Wednesday, visit to Ness

Picture post - 14 May

A walk across the Golfcourse and to the Waterwheel

Sunday 16 May

Quite a nice day outside, with the mercury at 14C. Nonetheless, I've spent the day staring at this wee screen, weeding out more problems with historical data. The 4/6 vs 6/4 problem I alluded to yesterday occurred when I attempted a mailmerge from Excel into Word. I tried to format a date into (e.g.) 12 May 1940, but the computer turned it into 5 December 1940 on adding the formatting code.

I am also going to publish the 450 pictures of wargraves in Lewis on a site that has them grouped by surname of casualty, rather than by cemetery. In other words, that will keep be busy for a while as well. Also, because it keeps throwing up omissions and duplicates.

Meanwhile, the ash is back to haunt us. The Icelandic volcano is continuing to erupt, and its ash is once more disrupting air travel in the UK. Stornoway Airport is set to open as normal tomorrow morning. There are advantages to living on the fringe.