View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Open letter to Donald

Hey, Donald!

Yes, Mr President, it's you I'm addressing, from only a few miles outside your mother's ancestral home near Stornoway, Scotland. You're older than I, wiser and more experienced. But we can all learn from each other, and I hope you are prepared to at least listen. When someone gives you advice, don't just politely acknowledge that people make sounds. Act on it.

When the Queen of England expects you to keep a step behind her, follow that expectation. Don't just barge in ahead of her.

When the FBI says something, it is not a partizan statement. They KNOW.

Vladimir Putin is not America's friend. He is, at best, her competitor. At worst, her enemy. He was laughing all the way, last Monday.

When you make a statement, stick to it. Don't just gauge the reaction and then backpedal. You will be regarded as unpredictable and weak.

Don't shoot the messenger - the press. Don't brand something as "fake news", when it displeases you in the media. They are there to hold you, and other politicians, to account. Because in politics, it's not all about making a deal. It's about people's lives. The lives of all 7 billion of us. Including your own.

I'll wave at 5 Tong, the next time I come through the village. Take care.