View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday 20 February

Situation in the Middle East and North Africa seems to be getting from bad to worse. More than 200 people were shot and killed by Gadaffi's (imported) thugs on the streets of Libya. He is only in it for himself, not for anybody else. Hope they get rid of him very very soon - he is one of those 'leaders' that we can do without. Gadaffi is 'credited' with the Lockerbie bombings, with bankrolling and arming the IRA and quite a few other terrorist groups. And I never understood why Tony Blair went to Libya in 2003 to cosy up to this horrible character. Mach a seo, (out!), as they say in this part of the world.

I have now finished the task of mapping the cemeteries and memorials across the world where Lewismen and -women are buried or remembered. Their total stands at 400. It has proved an interesting tour by Google Earth and a handful of websites.

This afternoon saw an exceptionally low tide. The gauge was forecast to plumb to 0.0 metres, 5.4 metres below the high tide level that was clocked up just after 7 am. So, just after 2pm, I went down to the shore and found 3 scallops. They provided a nice starter for dinner tonight. I also waded across the outflow of the Newton Basin, something I do not recommend - the current is very strong and if it had gone any stronger, it would have taken me off my feet. There was only 20 cm / 8in of water there.


The ferry departing for Ullapool at 2.30pm

Newton from the basin, showing the outflow