View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday 11 August

Well, we got the sun back today, which served to lift the mercury to 16C / 60F. Torrential rainfall caused extensive problems with flooding, even causing severe disruption to train services in and out of Glasgow's Queen Street Station. No problems like that here in the Western Isles, where we had the best weather in the country.

I went for a walk in the Castle Grounds in the afternoon, partly to re-walk one of the walks I have submitted to A few things had changed since I created the walk in 2006, and I was able to log it on my GPS. I shall put pictures up tomorrow.

I also completed another transcript from the Napier Report, which I have been working on during the past twelve months. The evidence from Ross-shire can now be viewed on-line. The next chunk is Inverness-shire, both on the Scottish west coast and near the town of Inverness - the place is a city today, but was not so in 1883. The link for Inverness is as yet completely blank, but I shall dress it up tomorrow.

Today I received information from a South Uist contact about one of the witnesses to the Napier Commission in Barra, including a photograph. Bearing in mind the year that Lord Napier went round (1883) this is fairly unique. I have come across a publication with some more portrait photographs of the witnesses.