View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Thursday 26 March

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Tuesday's plane crash in France claimed 150 lives. It would appear increasingly likely that the co-pilot flew the aircraft into the ground. We shall probably never know the exact reasons for this act. We can only remember those that were lost, and keep in thoughts their family and friends.

Wednesday 25 March

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Tuesday 24 March

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First cruiseliner of the 2015 season has appeared, the Azores. She leaves at 5 pm for Avonmouth, near Bristol.

Monday 23 March

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Sunday 22 March

An uninspiring grey day, with strong winds. The Arnish Lighthouse and its demolished outlier are now temporarily connected due to the very low tides.

Saturday 21 March

After yesterday's eclipse by the supermoon, we now have a supertide. A super-low tide, coming in at 0.0 feet above chart datum. My usual passtime during a springtide, looking for shellfish on the bottom of the harbour, yields nothing. The critters stay hidden in the mud, and just spit water 3 feet in the air!

P3213435 P3213438 P3213437 P3213442
Meanwhile on the slipway, the fishingboat that got its nets snagged by an U-boat of unknown origin. The encounter caused £10k worth of damage.