View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Saturday 9 April

Today started as shown in the picture above. People in and around Stornoway were awoken at around 7 am by the foghorns of the ferry, the cruiseliner Marco Polo, the pilot boat and the freight ferry Muirneag blasting away at regular intervals.

A few hours later, the fog was lifting, giving way to a bright and sunny day. The mercury rose to a respectable 16C / 61F, although the air felt cold due to the lingering high humidity. The passengers on the Marco Polo trooped through the town, and went on bustrips around the island.

I carried on with my piece of research on the Bishops Islands, posting about the smaller island of Sandray. Pabbay will follow later tonight or tomorrow. The biggest island, Mingulay, will take me a wee while to process. It had a population of between 120 and 160. The last person left in 1912.
The second subject, which is a long-running project, concerns the witnesses to the Napier Commission. I have now moved to those giving evidence at Miavaig here in Lewis.