View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 17 October 2008

Entries read out

I have included the option on this blog that entries can be read out using The result is faintly artificial, but useful for those who have difficulty reading a computer screen (for reasons of visual impairment). Click the button under each entry's title, and it should run.

Friday 17 October

Another day of sunshine and showers, and not feeling too cold.

I'm intending to shift my email somewhere else, away from AOL. That is about the only thing still tying me to America Off-line, and there are rumours galore to the effect that AOL will soon disappear. How that will affect us in the UK is a total mystery, and I'd rather not wait to be confronted with another 30-day notice for shutdown of the email service.

I've been trying to put Gmail onto my Windows Mail (a Vista novelty), but blimey, isn't it a total pain. Had to search high and low on the Net to find a solution. Don't particularly like Gmail, so I may end up on Yahoo at some stage. I'm already using that, as well as Hotmail, so a bit of rationalisation is in order.