View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday 3 April

Awoke to heavy snow showers, but after sunrise, the snow did not settle. The showers decreased in frequency after lunchtime, leaving us with a mainly dry and bright afternoon. As I type this, I am reading reports that the weather in Dallas, Texas, is a tad more lively. Tornadoes have torn through the city, tossing trailers through the air like matchboxes. Stay safe if you're in northeastern Texas.

So, should an employer be entitled to see your private Facebook page? A school has fired a teacher, after she refused to open the page to her employers. The page showed a risque image. However, what someone gets up to after hours, not at work, is that of legitimate interest to an employer? It is of course different, if an employee writes derogatory comments about their boss on an open internet page. There have been countless instances of this.

The rivalry between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow is summed up in the comparison of hospitality. I am told that when you're in Glasgow, you're asked if you would like some tea. In Edinburgh, the Glaswegians claim, they'll say "you'll have had your tea". Being a bit naughty, I have extended this to the over-hyped subject of the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo. On the sidebar of this blog is an image of pandas chewing bamboo, with the caption "You'll have had your bamboo". Today came the joyful news that the female panda has become receptive to the attentions of her male companion, so I can safely adjust this to: "You'll have had your s*x".

Some images of today's snow