View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday 11 February

Overcast and feeling cold today, although the (now) southeasterly wind is not as strong as yesterday. The tide was well out this afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to go down to the tideline and look for shellfish. There was only one huge big oyster, which I'd have a job opening, so I lobbed it back into the sea. Strange thought that 6 hours later, there would be 17 feet of water over where I had walked at 2pm this afternoon.

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The Pope has announced his resignation, the first pontiff to have done so since 1415. Benedict XVI has said he felt no longer up to the job, so as of 8pm on 28 February, he will retire. A new pope is to be elected in March, with the result of the vote being announced by white smoke (if a pope has been chosen) or black smoke (if not). I wonder if the Vatican will move into the 21st century, but some customs are best left alone, I suppose.

More and more equine rather than bovine in our foods. Enough to put you off processed foods for a while. Let's have more home made lasagnas - no, there is no excuse. And please, no references to a sponsorship deal for Findus for the Grand National at Aintree.