View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 13 October 2008

900 posts

That's the number of entries I've got to read. Sorry folks: I'm just a wee bit behind, and it's not going to get any better, any time soon. For the moment, I'm doing the rounds, leaving behind my new URL, and it might be an idea if we all did that during this month. It is no use looking at all the blogs behind my Blogger ID, as you'll find yourself looking at no fewer than 28.

At the moment, I'm also keeping an eye on my friend with the broken wrist, who may find herself looking at a healing process spanning many months or even years. Tomorrow, the orthopods will do the job properly, rather than the emergency measures taken on Friday night. The computer is back in action, but I'm now working from my own laptop. I'm an Internet addict, that's what lol.

Oh, don't forget to pull your stuff from AOL Hometown. You'll lose that too on November 1st.

Monday 13 October

Quite a nice morning, compared to the blow and rain of recent days, but still the odd shower about. Our freight ferry Muirneag was late coming in, 9.20 am instead of the 'scheduled' 8 o'clock. The friend who fell on Friday had a very lucky½ escape, as it appears her fall was broken by a plastic bucket full of water - as well as her wrist of course. She is up at the hospital this morning to show the damage to the orthopaedic surgeon.

I'll start reading journals again later this week, but am currently working on the dormant blogs (should not be a problem at all). If you know of a journal, whose owner is away, unaware of the transfer or whatever, PLEASE let me know. We still have just over 2 weeks to sort something out.

I am planning to build a journal to provide a cross-reference between erstwhile AOL journal and new Blogger journal, complete with AOL username. I am sort-of lost without the screenies, as there are so many people out there with similar first names.

To demonstrate the problem, I'll tell the story of a temp doctor here in Stornoway, who got a call to come and see Mrs MacLeod in the High Street [fictional streetname] at 3 in the morning. Now, there are several hundred Mrs Macleod's in the town, and even within the one street there will be a couple of them. So, the doctor had to go round all the houses in which a Mrs MacLeod was resident - which took him a long time.