View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tuesday 19 January

A cold and cloudy day, although some brightness is about. The mercury stands at 7C, but the cold wind makes it feel rather less than that. In spite of the wintry feel, I jumped on the bus to Laxay this morning to take more photographs of wargraves in that village's cemetery. The total was ten.

Laxay lies 12 miles south of Stornoway in the district of Lochs, and it is surrounded by quite a few lochs and rivers. A loch, for those unfamiliar with the regional vocabulary, is a lake or an inlet from the sea. Loch Erisort, which bounds Laxay to the south, stretches for 15 miles from the Minch in the east and causes long travel distances. The village of Cromore, for instance, lies 12 miles from Stornoway as the gull flies, but it's more like 30 miles by road (Cromore is marked on the map below).

Some pictures from the village are shown at the bottom of this post.