View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday 7 November

A better day, in terms of weather, than yesterday, but still hefty showers interspersed with reasonable sunny spells. It's become rather milder than of late, with the thermometer rising to a respectable 11C / 52F this afternoon. Went out for a walk round the harbour, and to buy a book. One of the local bookshops sells classical novels for £2 each, so my choice ended up Crime and punishment by Dostoevsky. As I said, slightly tongue-in-cheek, some light bedtime reading. Another book that I have ordered is a chilling account of what Great Britain would have looked like under Nazi occupation during WW2. It's something that fortunately never came about, but am nonetheless intrigued how this topic will be covered.

I was sad to learn that Dad's Army star Clive Dunn (lance-corporal Jones) has died at the age of 92. Apparently, Dunn specialised in acting roles that were much older than himself. Most of us will know the keyphrases like "No panic, no panic!" etc.

Barack Obama was elected for a second term in office as president of the USA first thing this morning. The election has changed nothing in political terms, and Mr Obama will have quite a job getting his legislation through an opposing parliament, being the House of Representatives. By my observation, the USA is deeply divided and remains so.

In spring

I met you on the rising road
that sunny afternoon in April
Innocent eyes looking up
as I looked down

The dark mountains loomed
over the deep waters
under the rays of the
springtime sun

A first spring with
gentle winds from
the distant seas
carrying aloft the shadows

Their calls mocked
at what they had taken
not caring, in fact
relishing and enjoying

She was expiring
as I approached
only a step or two
from the roadside edge

You did not know
but looked at me to explain
what was beyond your days
and was to befall you too

The sun shone through
the pink ears of the young lamb
The ewe was breathing its last
after being blinded by crows