View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday 1 September

The weather today changed from bright and sunny in the morning to wet and windy just now, just after 6pm. Autumn has definitely arrived. I spent the afternoon salvaging a blog that was hosted on the website of a Dutch national newspaper. They axed their blogging service last week, and promised that a transfer to another service would be provided as of August 23rd. We are now 9 days down the line and nothing has happened. I was supposed to open a new account with the other providers - but the transfer has run into difficulties. So I've taken matters into my own hand and reconstructed the blog from Google's cache. I managed to retrieve virtually all the posts (yay!), but did get a deja-vu sensation - remember AOHell, 3 years ago?

In a few days' time, I shall meet fellow researcher Direcleit in person, after his move to Berneray this summer. He has secured a position as researcher for that island's historical society, with an extended remit to the Sound and Island of Harris. I am quite happy to continue my activities free-lance and on a voluntary basis, and am looking forward to comparing notes over a cuppa.