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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Saturday 22 November

Just a brief comment on Obama's plan to grant an amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens (I always imagine little green men from Mars at that word, but never mind). Can I just remind everybody that all Americans are illegal aliens in their land, bar those that are termed First Nation, i.e. the ones that had been there for say 30,000 years? The lot that came in after 1492 did so through murder, pillage and rape and can't really be said to be legal. Can they?


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  1. History is just that, history in the past. Be it sad or tragic. Now we are talking about circumventing the laws that have been in place. The laws that many legal aliens entered out shores by. Granting amnestiy to those who came here around the law, makes a joke of the long and ardous process by which others became citizens. Not to mention all the benefits we have already been doling out to these illigals. If they truly admired our society, they would take the proper avenues. That being said, if I was a Mexican women who was poor, I'd crawl into the US to have my child on hands and knees to give them the benefit of US citizenship.