View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Friday 13 February

Loch Seaforth did its first crossing to and from Ullapool this morning, with about 200-300 passengers on board.

P2132842 P2132843 P2132844 P2132845

Thursday 12 February

Today, the new ferry Loch Seaforth had an open day. Three thousand people thronged down the linkspan and explored her passenger accommodation. Car parking in the town was at a premium. I'll reserve my final judgment on the ship for after I've made a crossing in her.

P2122778 P2122781 P2122782 P2122783 P2122786 P2122790 P2122791 P2122793 P2122796 P2122798 P2122803 P2122806 P2122822 P2122827

P2122837 P2122839

Wednesday 11 February

P2112763 P2112765  P2122772
The ship pictured above brought wind-turbine components for a wind farm between the Pentland Road and the Lochs Road.

Tuesday 10 February

P2102733 P2102734

In the evening, our new ferry Loch Seaforth was preparing for its first commercial crossing with freight lorries. It's always nice to see Stornoway in the dark.

P2102744 P2102745 P2102752 P2102746 P2102748 P2102755 P2102756 P2102759

Monday 9 February

P2092729 P2092731
The flag at the entrance to the ferry terminal, which has been refurbished by BAM Nuttall, has been torn to shreds by winter gales.