View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 24 August 2015

Tuesday 18 August

Out in a car once more, this time down the Pentland Road to Carloway. From there, called into Dalbeg and Dalmore, before heading down into Tolsta Chaolais and finally a diversion to Linshader, on the other side of the loch from Callanish. Another brilliantly sunny day, feeling warm in the sun at times. Closed the evening with a meal at the Caberfeidh hotel.

P8186549 P8186555 P8186562 P8186568 P8186576 P8186578 P8186584 P8186586 P8186612 P8186617 P8186616 P8186622 P8186633 P8186638 P8186645 P8186649 P8186655 P8186658 P8186667 P8186674 P8186683 P8186685 P8186692 P8186700 P8186703 P8186710

Monday 17 August

P8176534 P8176535 P8176538 P8176540 P8176544 P8176546

Sunday 16 August

P8166522 P8166525 P8166527 P8166529

Saturday 15 August

P8156506 P8156509 P8156514 P8156516

Friday 14 August

We had an unexpected visit from residential liner The World, which was tarrying in our humble port, waiting for bad weather to clear from the waters between Scotland and Iceland. The millionnaires on board flocked ashore to view the island. The ship is nearly 700 feet (200 m) in length, rather bigger than any of the vessels that passed by her through the day.

P8146488 The World and the Loch Seaforth
P8146491 The World and the WG Tasman - half her size
P8146490 Fishing vessel
P8146494 Tender passing the lighthouse
P8146497 Tug and The World
P8136485 The World at night

Thursday 13 August

Today I was taken round Harris by car, which took 147 miles, 9 hours and 344 photographs. Popped into Tarbert to check out a Harris Tweed shop and have lunch. We then drove to Scalpay, about 9 miles to the east, then retraced our steps (including round the Tarbert one-way system) to go down the Golden Road from Kendibig to Plocrapol, Grosebay, Stockinish, Geocrab, Quidinish to Rodel. Having had a look at St Clements church in Rodel, we went up the west side of Harris to Luskentyre, and finally returned to Stornoway at 7.30pm. A long day, but quite a good one. The weather was sunny, and it felt quite warm at Rodel, which has a secluded location.

P8136137 P8136139 Marybank
P8136148 Balallan
P8136154 Arivruaich
P8136165 Woolly road users
P8136170 Ardhasaig
P8136180 Tarbert
P8136182 Near Urgha
P8136212 Scalpay
P8136241 The Golden Road
P8136256 Plocrapol
P8136264 Grosebay
P8136282 Stockinish
P8136310 Flodabay
P8136317 Quidinish
P8136333 Lingerabay
P8136339 P8136346 P8136349 P8136350 P8136377 St Clements
P8136380 Leverburgh
P8136383 Northton
P8136397 Scarista
P8136401 Borve
P8136404 Horgabost
P8136417 P8136424 P8136432 P8136429 P8136439 P8136440 Luskentyre
P8136453 Ardhasaig
P8136462 Clisham
P8136467 Scaladale
P8136475 Arivruaich