View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday 23 September

Didn't do an entry yesterday, but I'll catch up today. Both yesterday and today, I transcribed the tributes from the local paper for island servicemen who fell during World War II in the year 1943. Over the weekend, I'll plant those on the internet and link them into the tribute site for WW2. Next week, I'll make a start on the year 1944.

The weather is autumnal. That's very much appropriate, as the astronomical autumn started at 09.04 GMT this morning. There are frequent heavy showers, and this afternoon, the rain was pretty much continuous. As I type this, late on Friday evening, the wind has picked up to force 5 or 6 and is rumbling about the house. Not complaining about temperatures, which currently stand at 14C / 57F - at 11pm at night.

Our MP has received an apology from the government in London over an e-petition which called for the removal of rioters to the Outer Hebrides for a period of 5 years - by way of punishment for the violence that gripped cities south of the border in August. The petition contained some derogatory remarks about the islanders and the way of life here, which suggested we were still stuck in the 19th century. We're not. The fact I'm posting this on the internet using a broadband connection says enough.

And did I tell you all about the price hike of 4p/litre of fuel this week, in some rural petrol stations? That appears to be in response to a reduction in fuel prices of 5p/litre, which has been proposed by the UK government. The suppliers here are now accused of abusing their near-monopoly to push petrol prices to £1.62 per litre in South Uist - for my American readers, that equates to $9.50 per gallon.