View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday 22 March

A beautiful sunny day, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Went for a short walk around the basin in front of my position, looking for scallops. However, I only found empty shells. Looks as if the oystercatchers beat me to them.

This morning, I received notification that a little boy in the States, Caden Hall, had died six months after being diagnosed with cancer. His mother and other family members had kept us updated through a website called CaringBridge, and over the weekend the situation became desperate. Just before 2 am local time, he died. Now, without being callous, this happens a lot of the time. I am flagging it up to highlight the power of the Internet in a situation like this. Dozens of people who never met the family involved, and will never do so either, flocked to the site to leave a message of sympathy. Some professed to be in tears, or at least quite emotional. I trust these messages will help the family through their grief. I am not a parent, and cannot imagine the torment they will have gone through as their child deteriorated in front of their eyes.

I have downloaded the latest update for my webbrowser, Firefox. It is now at version 4, and it does appear to be working faster than the old version. I suspect that disabling all the incompatible add-ons will have speeded matters up for a start.

A few pics from my walk this afternoon.

Know that sinking feeling?

Houses at Newton

Hooded crow