View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday 18 February

An absolutely gorgeous day with little or no wind and no clouds. The mercury reached 8C, but it was positively warm in the sun. I went on foot to the Iolaire Memorial, which was a bit of a soppy affair in place, and clocked up 4 miles in total. No lambs as far as I could see or hear. Some sheep did look as if they were about to pop though.

The pandas in Edinburgh Zoo are getting frisky, and will be in mating mood next month. Right. The morning after pill is to be made available in schools. What the f***. I think prevention is better than cure, especially after I read yesterday that the incidence of HIV (the AIDS virus) is on the rise with the fall in the use of condoms.

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Sunday 17 February

The day started very windy, with a strong southerly breeze rattling along. This slowly abated through the day, making the 8C on the thermometer a bit more enjoyable. The days are fair drawing out, with darkness not fully occurring until after 6.30pm. Another nice sunset tonight.

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A major search was called after a bicycle was left on the ferry at Ullapool, when all passengers had left the vessel. The owner had last been spotted on board at 4.20pm, so it was feared that she had fallen overboard. The RNLI lifeboats, Coastguard helicopter, fishery patrol vessel and each and every craft that could make it to the Summer Isles went there - until police reported that the owner of the bike had turned up safe, well and completely oblivious to the fact that she had forgotten her bike, and that dozens of people were looking for her. She was in a youth hostel in Inverness. Like you forget your bike, eh?